Saturday, February 17, 2018
Christmas Promotions

We’re Dreaming of a Print Christmas!

Firstly, apologies for raising the topic of Christmas while summer is still (almost) with us and the kids are only just back to school. It might seem rather unseasonal of us, but the fact is that prudent marketers and brand managers need to plan promotional activity well in advance, and that can sometimes mean having to suspend the reality of what’s going on outside your window, to imagine instead the frost and snow of mid-winter. Is it asking a bit much to take such a leap forward in time? How about thinking of it this way; the biggest calendar-based sales and marketing opportunity of the year is just a matter of weeks away?

It’s true, Christmas presents (excuse the pun) a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, and to engage with your customers, prospects and staff. It’s a ‘feel-good’ time, people will be expecting to hear from you and will be receptive to your communications – whether that’s Christmas-themed gifts, promotions or merchandise. So what will your business be doing this Christmas?

Think print!

Print is highly flexible and cost-effective, and with the application of just a little imagination, you will be able to create something unique that will get your brand noticed and remembered for all the right reasons. You’ll be able to come up with a host of innovative ideas we’re sure, but here are just a few to kick-start the creative thinking process:

• Personalise traditional gifts
Why not repackage classic Christmas gifts like chocolates, wine or champagne, and create your own branded packaging to personalise them? Make any gift unique by presenting it in your own, specially designed bottle tube, box or carry bag.

• Gift wrap & gift tags
Design and print your own festive gift wrap incorporating elements of your corporate identity for added impact. Complete the look with branded gift tags overprinted with a thank you message on one side!

• Branded giveaways
There are endless possibilities when it comes to using print in your branded Christmas giveaways. Everyone still loves a calendar to sit on their desk or hang on the wall, and they are a great way to ensure your brand stays front of mind all year round – likewise, branded desk pads with a weekly planner.

• Cards
E-cards just don’t send the same message – and they are not going to be kept and displayed in the office throughout the run up to Christmas. Commission your own personal design, demonstrate your creativity, and show that you care.

• Promotions
Whatever business sector you operate in, Christmas provides a great platform for promotions. It could be something as simple as putting a discount voucher in with each product you sell, or every invoice you send out, or it could be a seasonally themed direct mail campaign that drives customers to your website. Drive traffic to your website by printing Advent calendars with a code number and a chocolate behind each window – recipients have to check your site daily to see if they’ve won a Christmas prize!

Don’t get left out in the cold this Christmas. Holywell has worked on lots of print-based Christmas promotions and marketing campaigns, and our design team would love to help you brainstorm ideas to get your brand noticed. Get Christmas wrapped up now so you can enjoy it yourself!


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